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Our Experience

EOS Consulting has over a decade of experience in virtually all areas of operation.  We provide and deliver unique product, system and service solutions supported by a strong team of  international specialists with immense experience in various markets and industries sectors. 

Our strength lies in our cross cultural approach, willingness to learn from each engagement and partnering with best in class technology and service providers.

More than a decade of excellence 


Our Approach

A comprehensive review of client needs, project scope and resources are matched with available industry options. With our experience and track record we are able to source from various global suppliers to ensure we deliver the correct application with easy deployment and an economical life cycle to best help you achieve your goals. 

In addition to a strong research and development team we are happy to assist in new product/solution design and production.


Business Consulting


EOS started as a business consulting group and we still remain true to our roots by starting each project or client engagement with a information gathering exercise. 

Focus areas of our consulting services include (but are in no way limited too):

Project management and scoping, Supply and Value Chain design and optimization,

Business Analysis, Facility Layout

Business Intelligence, 

Digital assets, Software and Embedded software development, Specialist procurement services, IT Network design, development, implementation, management and  control, Software design and integration, Specialist GDRP/PoPIA and Cloud Hosting, Specialist Cyber Security, Data Backup and  Business Continuity 

Industrial Engineering, QA & ISO


Focus areas include efficiency and resource utility improvement. 

We combine industrial, sustainable and economical engineering models to fit legislative requirements. Additionally EOS offers various process analysis, continuous improvement and change management solutions. 

Our team also develop embedded technologies to improve supply chains, monitor efficiency and visualize data/information.

Specialization in ISO and QA include  

Physical asset Management, Quality Management Systems ISO 9000, Environmental (EMS) ISO 14000,

Risk Management ISO 31000 

Connectivity and Hardware


We have comprehensive turn-key internet, connectivity and communication solutions provided by world class service providers.  Solution for residential, enterprise and government level clients are available  Fibre, LTE-a, Wireless and hosted cloud solutions. 

Integrated Internet of Things applications include Asset Tracking, Tamper Protection and Animal Tracking using new generation low energy high performance technologies. 

In addition to our connectivity offer we understand the need for reliable software and IT hardware to make your operation efficient - as such we offer rental and managed solutions for a wide spectrum of needs  

Security and Data recovery


Integrated safety, security and disaster recovery planing.

CCTV, access control, Control Centers, bio-metrics procure, install, command centre and maintenance services. 


Data recovery, data logging (asset tracking, vehicle/fleet information), monitoring sensors (warehouse/production, mining, sensitive/volatile materials)

Large scale applications include port security, distribution centers and corporate buildings.

We additionally offer enterprise level technical design for networks, with planning (Wireless/Access Points/Fail-over) this includes network setup and physical cabling with back-haul and data-centre requirements

Business, Voice & Software


Legal and statutory requirements are becoming part of everyday commercial activities. We limit your risk and expense by providing hybrid services and  selected  critical software offering including open source builds depending on your requirements.

Focus areas include:

Financial collections Services

Vetting, verification, Criminal checks

Contracts, Negotiations and  Disputes

Carbon Credit positioning

ISO Documentation

Environmental assessment 

Business registration

Background checks 

Debt Review Removal & Credit Fix

Property and conveyance 

Translations services (ENG/ESP/PRT) 

Design and Brand development

Automation, IoT & Block-chain


We develop and re-sell various  automation, monitoring and control solutions based on agnostic hardware/sensors, open source or commercial software modules and  multi class communication protocols.  technologies are combing hardware and software applications useful in most industries to reduce operational cost and risk and to improve efficiency.   

Applications include monitoring of

assets, tamper alert, utility monitoring, animals monitoring and tracking, temperature, geo and shipments, weather monitoring, agriculture (soil and water), manufacturing, bio-metrics, early warning, end user home automation. 

Our Block chain and crypto partners provide white labeled hyper and distributed ledger technologies and centralized token based solutions. A growing number of trusted  applications are available for Telecoms, FinTech, Tourism, Trade and  Manufacturing .  


Super absorbers


We have over the past decade sourced the leading water saving soil conditioners which have a huge impact on water savings, reduced erosion and improved soil stabilization for agriculture, mining, government, nurseries and home users.



Remediation and improvement of soil and water in a natural bio-active manner is achieved with our product selection. The products were developed over 35 years of research and adapted for each part of the world they are applied in. Oil spill remediation (water/soil/other) and water quality improvement applications are additional products for disaster management and control.

Bio-active plant nutrients


We provide a selection of world leading remediation and growth medium improvement products which reduce pathogen levels, improve production and are beneficial to the natural flora.   

Electronic Education


Our education packages are predominantly focused on distance electronic learning. The material and education platform is accredited by multiple international bodies and consist to business, project management and risk education. Our in-house offering presented to corporate and university groups are focused on supply chain and financial supply chain simulation training. 

Application-specific circuits


We have selected Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) computational systems hardware options. Applications range from deep learning, artificial intelligence (AI), specific server system design (for intelligent video and image analysis) to the more mainstream applications including crypto-currency mining.

We offer turnkey design solutions and industrial level hosting capacity for selected clients, partners and technology/education entities. 

Automation and control


We design, develop and manage various ubiquitous business information and database linked systems. 

Applications, technologies and hardware are sourced and delivered as per client needs. There are a rapidly growing list of industries who use our technologies to improve efficiency, lower cost and reduce liability. Applications are in use in manufacturing, logistics, fleet, warehouse control, retail, human resources management, security, agriculture/wildlife, pharmaceutical, government and maritime applications.  

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